Use Of English Past Question By Prof Chioma Opara .


1. Write a well-
developed paragraph on ONE of the following topics,.
(a) Nigerian youths should rise above passivity and become beacons Of hope and peace..
(b) We are what we wear but not what we drive.
(c) Human trafficking is rampant where good governance is non-existent
(d) The most important world problem today is security.
(e) “There is very little difference between many African pastors and social
(f) What is your concept of neighbourliness?.

2. (i) What are the basic rules which should be observed in the construction of a sentence or a paragraph?
(ii) The following paragraph failed to develop its naturally. Rearrange it in a logical sequence, then write out the letters of the alphabet in the correct order:
When a human relationship is clouded by mistrust, numerous opportunities arise for distorting or discrediting even the most skillfully constructed messages. (b) I is commonly believed that if a person can select the right words, prepare his or her message ahead of time, and state it precisely, perfect communication will be ensured. (c) A professor may begin to doubt the excuses of a student who is holding the court at the student union an hour after the student was too iii to take examinations (d) voters may well be suspicious of their President’s promise that if re-elected he would fulfill all the campaign promises he failed to keep during his first term in office. (e) But total effectiveness requires a positive and trusting psychological climate (f) A young man will probably discount a young women’s assurances that she is very interested in him after she breaks a date for the third or fourth time.

3. Read the following passage carefully and answer concisely, and as far as possible in your own words, the questions that follow:
A traveler whose exclusive purpose is to reach a certain destination in the minimum of time has at once lost half the joy of his journey. He becomes preoccupied with the thought of his goal, and this preoccupation makes him intolerant of the friendly advances of those he meets by the way and blind to the ever-changing panorama along his route, He resents delay, finds every little inconvenience irksome, and frets and fumes at any hitch that threatens to upset his ca2ëfully laid plans. There is, ij.rje, a certain satisfaction in being whirled in comfort through space at breath-taking speeds, or ii covering long distances carefree in record time. But the satisfaction is purely material and transitory; there is a touch of vainglorious pride about it; and it smacks too much of business. The real, abiding pleasure of travel1ing lies in the process, not in the accomplishment.
(a) Suggest a suitable title for the passage.
(b) What possible pleasures are missed by the impatient traveller?
(c) What in simple terms is the meaning of the last sentence in the passage?
(d) give in one word the antonym of each of the following:
(i) transitory (ii) irksome (iii) vainglorious (iv) exclusive (e) Pick out an example of each of the following from the passage:
(i) antecedent (ii) infinitive (iii) demonstrative adjective (iv) it pattern (v) passive voice (vi) indefinite article (vii) genitive case

4. From the following, pick out the nouns that do not take the plural marker ‘s’:
Grass, fish, bedding, hair, damage, air, land, pearl, lens, advice.
Summons, information, ammunition, deer, livestock, jewellery. paper, Junk,  water, fragrance, people, underwater, shoal, laugh, fruit, light

5. Fill in the correct words to complete the sentences below:
(a) Spelling is your ________ heel.
(b) If I  ______ you, I should take the blue hat.
(c) He walked out of the room ________the long run.
(d) Either Rose or you ________there yesterday.
(e) The dogs barked while the bull ______ in the zoo.
(f) ________paragraphs are used in report writing and note-making.
(g) A _______question is sentence in a question form posed to create an effect
(h) The guest speaker was given a ______ ovation.
(i) ______ is the hatred foreigners -
(j) Optimism is the antonym of:____________
(k) That man is as bold as _____________
(l) _______ is contrast affected by parallelism in reverse order
(m) The bogus hawker took the dupe to the _____
(n) Nkem like to eat: he is as greedy as a _________
(o) _______ is the antonym of dawn.
(p) I would like to sleep ______that matter.
(q) Mrs. Lulu together with her children _______ invited to the wedding last Saturday.
(r) The students said it ________ the teacher’s hearing.
(s) We were in _______ when the comedian told the joke..
(t) Uche said she had seen Dokubo ______the day.
(u) A number of residents _____ been evicted.

6. Analyse the following sentences:•
(a) Mother and her friends succeeded in the end.
(b) I know that Chidi is an honest man..
(c) The couple decided to work in London.
(d) She went to church but she did not see the priest.
(e) The woman who sold her child has been arrested.

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