Conoravirus also known as COVID-19 was first confirmed
in Wuhan January 7, 2020,China.
The first case in Nigeria was confirmed on 27th of February 2020 in Lagos State.
How To Develop A Personal Timetable.
    Safety Tips
1.Always wash your hands with Alcohol based hand wash OR soap and water, it will help to kill viruses that that may decide to stay in your hands.
Though soap and water is more effective than hand sanitizers.
2.Maintain at least 5 feet distance between yourself  and anyone coughing or sneezing.
3.While sneezing or coughing cover  your mouth and nose. When in public place, be mindful of the people besides you.
4.Seek medical attention when you have issues with breathing, fever etc.
5.Try not to touch your face often with dirty hands.Also Read 👉 How To Understand Difficult Courses With Symbols
6.Always keep to news and information about health related issues.
As a student, be careful of the crowd around you, you would come across several people everyday.
Avoid huge body mass for the time being.
 As a student, you should not use the social media to misinform other  students or spread false information.
Always Stay Alert!