2018 Use Of English Past Question By DR Ngulube

Use of English GST 141 2018 by DR Ngulube Isaac

Write a one paragraph essay on how
you met your first love.

The history of the English language can be traced back to the arrival of three Germanic tribes that invaded the British Isles during the __________________

These tribes, (a) _________________ (b) _______________ (c) ______________________ crossed the North Sea

List five things you must know about an English word:
___________________________ (iv) ________________________________
____________________________ (v) _________________________________

Words are classified according to the way in which they are formed from their constituent morpheme as (a) ________________ (b) ____________ (c) ______________

The morpheme used to express indefiniteness in English has two forms – a and an; assign them to the following English words _____ orange, ___building, ____ accent, ____car, _____ girl, ____ eel.

Some people use the dictionary ______ to support reading and listening while others use it ____________ to support writing and speaking

Provide two examples for the following word formation processes:
Blends (a) ____________________________ (b) ________________________________
Eponym (a) ____________________________(b) ________________________________
Inter-language borrowing (a) ______________________ (b) ____________________
Clipping (a) ____________________________ (b) __________________________
Affixation (a) ____________________________ (b) __________________________
 Provide the plural forms of the following nouns:
Mosquito _________ Crisis __________ Appendix __________ property ____________
Goose ____________ curriculum ___________ formula

Identify (as either subject or predicate) the italicized parts of the following sentences:
They made her taste the papaya
He thought the whole thing a bad joke
What he did and what he said angered the Dean
To collect every stamp issued in Nigeria was Eze’s ambition

Provide one example for the following functions of the English sentences:
The assertive  sentence
The interrogative sentence
The optative sentence
The imperative sentence
The exclamatory sentence 

Analyse the constituents of these sentences using SVCOA:
His father gave Sam a car
Napoleon was a Frenchman
The labourers finished the job in record time
They appointed him chairman
Beauty fades easily

Supply one example of (do not use any sentence from this question paper)
The simple sentence _________________________________________________________
The compound sentence _____________________________________________________
The complex sentence _______________________________________________________
The compound-complex sentence ____________________________________________
The multiple sentence _______________________________________________________
The loose sentence __________________________________________________________
The periodic sentence ________________________________________________________
The mixed sentence __________________________________________________________
 Delete the wrong form
Every Tom, Dick and Harry (want/wants) to borrow money from me
Here (come/comes) the professor and his wife
A tractor or several horses (is/are) used to pull the machine
Bread and butter (is/are) all that she served
Bread and butter (is/are) sold round the corner

Complete the sentence with the present simple or present progressive, or any other appropriate form of the verb in parentheses
Why you (sit) there (watch) television when you (know) you ought to (get) on with your work? _____________________________________________________________
I (think) I (hear) someone (talk) in the next room ______________________________
Perhaps you should (leave) now? Your friend may (wait) for you outside________
Who (whistle)? It is John. He (feels) happy ____________________________________
You (understand) what the lecturer is saying? No. I (not understand) him at all ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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