Why Exam Malpratice Does Not Gurantee Success.

Do students who embark on examination malpractice always pass their exams?
Do they always score what they desire?the reason for which they got themselves into the act of examination malpractice in the first place Now, if it happened that in spite of examination malpractice in the student just passed but did not make the As he was aiming at, then what is the guarantee it was the examination malpractice that he embark that made him pass? What makes him so lack confidence to the point of thinking that without examination malpractice he would not have passed at all; eve had prepared for the examination?

You can pass, and pass very well without examination malpractice, and of course, you can fail inspite of s yourself involved in examination malpractice. If you rely on copying answers from any source outside of you in an examination, then you could end up wrong answers. If you did not prepare well for an exam, the answers that others may give to you may as well not be the correct answers to the questions. And because you did not prepare well, you would not know whether the answers you are given are right or wrong. You will go on copying them as you are given. Even if you happen to copy from textbooks, you may be copying the wrong thing because you see it under a subheading, but it may not be an answer to the question being asked.

Your only guarantee is to prepare well for the examinations ahead.

Suppose you rely on exam malpractice, as a result, of which you did not prepare well enough ahead for a given paper, then on the day of the paper, you have a strict supervisor who will not compromise in any way to allow you cheat, what happens then? You risk failure. Or even if the supervisor compromises, suppose an ‘examination inspector comes around as they often do, ‘who sticks around to ensure that examination ethics are fully adhered to, then what happens? You risk failure. Why not forget about the thoughts of exams malpractice and prepare adequately to face the exam for what it is. If you do, you will realize that exams are not the monsters that you think they are. You can write them and pass them with assured successes.

You may have woven your plans around mass-cheating; someone assures you that help will be generally given to everyone provided you cooperate financially or otherwise. Well, you have to know that behind the fa├žade of the sweet words you hear, no one hundred percent interested in your success as you are. Someone is out there to make money for himself an tell you what you want to hear so that you can pa your money He may make some effort to help y that does not guarantee your success. It is in ad preparation that your success is guaranteed. when you embark on cheating, especially mass cheating, there are dangers. When so many students in copy the same thing, it can be easily detected examiners and then reported. This can I withholding or outright cancellation of individual entire centres result. So, what is good cheating to pass an exam but not having results to show for it? Prepare well Start preparation early. Then write your exam yourself. This way, you can succeed, better than if you resort to cheating.

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