Tools Needed By A Learner.

Every trade or vocation has its own tool that distinguishes it from the others
,In order to produce a good piece in that field, you need a combination of tools. However, one tool is common and must be readily   available for all practitioners in that field. Let's call it Key tool. The hammer is for the carpenter, the towel for the bricklayer,the scissors for the tailor etc.
However other tools of the footballer include hammer, saw, etc.
The tools of the footballer include the head, the leg and the every part of the body.
The question is, in mental gymnasium, what tools does the mind use in acquiring knowledge in any dimension? Learning is the tool learners use in the acquisition of knowledge. Learning experts report that learning can be accomplished in a lot of ways.
Meaning, you can feed the mind in one or more of these ways which can take place subliminally or consciously.

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