The Dangers And Evils Of Examination Malpratice On The Society..

The world is in an endless process of evolution which brings about continuous
changes, improvement problems as well as new ways of tackling challenges mankind. The world evolves through its component societies countries, nations, people and tribes. A society evolves through its citizens. A society thrives and moves forward through the intelligence, hardwork and commitment of its citizens. The intellectuals of a society are those that drive the society forward. They take up the problems and challenges of the society as their responsibilities to which they are meant to proffer solution; they initiative ideas and drive changes, they braze new trails and educate the generality of the people on the way forward for the present and the upcoming generation. But what happens when those that were supposed to be the intellectuals of the society would hot work hard enough to put up true success; but rather embrace short-cuts to: distinction, thereby short- circuiting themselves from the training needed of them so as to be able to perform?. What happens when those that lack the intellectual wherewithal cheat so smartly that they get themselves to the top and hold sway in the affairs that were supposed to take society to the next level; thereby denying those that have the intellectual wherewithal the opportunity to perform? What happens when the youth of a society perceive hardwork and the need to make sacrifice to create the good things that will better their life and ensure the good of society as too much of a price to pay; but instead insist on enjoying the good things of life without realizing that some people somewhere are making much sacrifice to make• those things they (the youths in question) enjoy available. What happens in a society that is left behind in the process of upward evolution of the world. It will not take too long to begin to feel the pains of being left behind in an evolving world.

Among a few other things, examination malpractice is one of the major factors that stifles intellectual development in any society. When allowed to ravage society, it brings about different sorts of anomalies bringing to the fore-front of a society’s leadership workforce individuals that are a misfit in the position they occupy. When a society is not functioning as it  ought to, then you will likely see quarks unmotivated individuals occupying positions in different fields of life; quark medical doctors, engineer lawyers, teachers and lecturers, managers, secure personnel decision. makers, etc. In the majority of ca quarks are a product of examination malpractice. Examination malpractice is an evil. When evil allowed to triumph, it eats up its host society. complains of the troubles of the extent to which things seems not to work in a society amidst its enormous human and material resources is a reflection of extent the society has been eaten up by the duff evils that the citizens have allowed to ravage society: examination malpractice inclusive.

Let the, change you seek begin from you. society to be turned around for good. Now you several exams to write ahead of you. Embracing embarking on examination malpractice is a possible way out in trying to reach out for a good result. But it will no come without its toll: its damaging effect on your future and on society. Alternatively, you can start working hard now, gaining all that you could gain inte11ectually’ to enrich you and society in the future. But this will, require hardwork and sacrifice on your own part. Which of these two alternatives will you embrace?

Now, suppose two-third of all the students in the country that will be writing the same exam chose the same option you embraced, what multiplier effect will it have on the country’s intellectual capacity in ten years from now? To what extent will your choice and that of others enhance or diminish available intellectuals that can contribute to the evolution and transformation of your country. So you see, it goes beyond you passing the certificate exams. Preparations for the exams entail being enriched and prepared for the transformation of the future of mankind. Just do the bit you can do, believing that it is for your good and. the good of others. Leave the rest to God to take care of Let your conscience guide you. At the end, because you have chosen to do what is right, society will be better for it.

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