How To Get Back Your First School Leaving Certificate.

  If you miss place or lost your first school living certificate.
You don't need to give yourself  problem, same thing
happened to a friend of mine  when he wanted to join Air Force, what he  did then was that
(1). The current Head Mistress of the school you finished from, must have an attendant or record of your last exams in the school.
(2). You must make the photocopy of that page and he or she will write a letter to back it up which will indicate that you graduated from the school but you have misplaced the certificate may be while parking from one place to the other or there is a fire incident which lead to that.
(3). The letter will be directed to the commissioner of Education in your state or permanent secretary of the ministry.
(4). At the ministry, they will ask you to pay some certain amount of money and they will give you to whom it may concern.
NOTE: make sure you are very humble at every office u step in. You don't need to give yourself  problem

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