How To Answer Negative Questions.

How To Answer Negative Questions.

"Aren't you coming too?"

"yes... I mean, no? I mean,
yes, I'm coming. "

When answering a normal, positive question, you're unlikely to fumble around like this. If the Question is  "are you coming too?" " it's pretty clear that  'yes ' means "I am coming" and  "no" means  "I'm not coming. "

But when you hear a negative question  "aren't you coming too? "
Everything falls apart. Does "yes"  means  "yes, I'm coming" or  "yes, I'm not coming?""

Unfortunately, English has no special words for answering negative questions. But there is another workaround, if you want to take a cue from Latin,Finnish,Gaelic,or Mandarin.
Since these languages don't use particular words for  "yes"  or  "no" at all, speakers normally repeat the verb, either in its positive or negative form, or, as in Latin, pick from a larger variety of adverbs.
The English equivalent of this strategy would look something like this :

Are you coming?

I am /I'm not /Certainly /Of course /Never /No way

Aren't you coming?

I am /I'm not /Certainly /Of course /Never /No way

So there you have it. If you want to be very clear about your response, this strategy is probably the best, most efficient way to answer a negative question without confusion

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