Hints On Studying English.

Carefulness :
Before you write or speak ask yourself such as
questions as : "what exactly does this mean? "
"Is this the actual word that fits into this statement?"
'The grammar sounds a bit odd here, is it correct or not?"
The way you speak is the way you will write.
Be careful before you speak or write.
Daily Reading :
The best method to understand English language fast is by reading everyday and virtually any good book or papers that you can lay your hands on.
Through this method you will learn many new words and their uses by seeing them used, you will understand the sound of good English.

Discussion :
Try as much as possible to engage yourself in dialogue with somebody who knows English language more than you do, this will enhance your knowledge of English grammar.

Use Of A Dictionary :
Always make use of a dictionary whenever you want to write. If you come across a strange word, look it  up in a dictionary to get its meaning.
Nobody is above making use of the dictionary. If you do not know how to to spell a word or have doubt about the meaning or the spelling of any word, look them up. A good dictionary tells you how to pronounce and spell words and the part of speech of the words you are looking up.

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