What To Do On The Day Of Examination.

On The Day of the Examination
On the evening before any paper, do your final revision. Make sure however, that you go to bed early enough and et yourself a good sleep. Do not stay late into the night revising. You might be tempted to do so but please do not. Plan your revision ahead of time so that any day you have a paper to write, by 9.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. the evening before the day, you should have finished whatever final revision you need to do; then go to bed. Put thoughts of the exam the next day out of your mind and sleep well and sound. This will go a long way to help you stay calm the next day and hence recall all that you will need to recall in the course of the exam. If you do not relax your brain well through adequate sleep the night before, you will get your brain stressed up and the aftermath is a situation whereby your brain gets stored information muddled up and hence slow and incoherent recall of information. Remember that you have just about two to three hours to write the exam anti you need your brain functioning at its optimal capacity within this time span.

On the morning of the exam, you can take some minutes to churn through in your mind, all that the course requires of you. If there is a formula or concept you need to re-entrench in your mind, you can flip through your books to look it up. But stay calm and confident. Do not get worked up even if your mind goes blank as you try to run through a stretch of what you have learnt in the subject. It is not uncommon to run into crises of memory of this nature just before the exam begins. Interestingly enough however, as you begin to read through the examination questions and give them some thoughts, your memory is triggered to recall the concepts around which questions are anchored, provided that;

You slept and rested enough the night before; and
You have studied and revised the concepts prior to the exam.

Generally, exam questions prompt sufficient recall provided the concepts of the subject being examined has been previously adequately studied. In fact, if you have studied well enough, your problem will not be insufficient recall of information. You will recall so much that your problem will be what to write down and hat to leave out. This is where the need to adequately understand the structure and demand of a question comes in.

As you leave your house or hostel for the exam, check to see that you have everything you will need for the exam €fore you set off; e.g. pens and pencils, calculators, four figure table (where necessary), eraser, sharpener, ruler, and possibly money for fare where applicable. Avoid forgetting anything that will put you into panic or undue pressure. Make sure you arrive at the exam venue before the time scheduled for the exam to start. If however, for any reason you arrive late, you might still 2 allowed into the exam hall provided you are not more than 30 minutes late. You will still need to stay calm and composed. Still try to attempt all questions required of you.

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